Booking Details

Hopefully you've taken the time to make it to this page, and hopefully all of the information is relatively clear in terms of booking a show and working with us.

First things first, when contacting Junction City Music Hall for bookings - please do so through email and by phone.  Facebook is a terrible medium to communicate through, and stuff always seems to get lost in the shuffle.

Email - Bookings@JunctionCityMusicHall.Com

There are not too many venues in the city that will work as hard for you as we will.  That isn't just an empty promise, it's how we want to go about our business, and also the reputation that we want to foster.

On top of this, we care a lot about how you are going to sound and look when you are in the space.  Don't expect or tolerate a grumpy sound tech who is more interested in their smoke break than making you sound great, and we've slowly turned our stage into one of the prettiest in the city.

To top it all off, how many venues have the best collection of vintage pinball tables in the city and a retro arcade?  We're a great place to put on a show.


Look - we are realistic.  We do everything we can to provide you with the environment to succeed, and hopefully to outgrow us and move on to bigger shows, making more money and becoming 'the next big thing'.  We want our reputation to be the place where things started taking off for you, but we need you to work with us.

If you don't tell anyone that you are playing a show, from posting it on your website and social media, telling your friends and family about your gig here and doing everything you can to get folks out, those people aren't going to appear out of thin air.  If we end up doing a show or event together, we are relying on you to bring a crowd.  No one enjoys playing or working in an empty room.


Although the individual agreements will vary based on the show, and a number of other factors, we believe that we offer some of the most reasonable and most competitive compensation structures in the entire city.

All of our agreements are done in writing so that there aren't any surprises.  None of us are going to get rich doing this, so we should at least be transparent right?

Technical Specs

Mixing Board - Behringer X32 Digital Rack System

Mains - 2x Yorkville Para Source 15's + Yorkville Elite Subwoofer 600

Monitors - 4x Including Drum Monitors

Bass Amp - Yorkville YBA400

2x Shure Beta58s

3x Shure SM58s

1x Sennheiser e845

4x Shure SM57

4x Passive DI Boxes

2x Active DI Box

And all the stands and required cabling