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St Paddy's Day Bone Crusher - Singles, Sarandons, ANDY

To mark the banishment of snakes and the excuse for dipsomania, JCMH is thrilled to bring home to roost:


The Junction City stalwart 90’s tribute band. From a time when you had to tape videos off Much Music so you could listen to your favourite songs, this band are less nostalgia trippers than expert players bringing these anthems of slack and circumstance into a modern context as eternal rock anthems.


It’s rare that a group can poke their heads out from under the tumbleweeds of the alt-country-roots-americana ponderosa with the pride and skill to get noticed, but this band are the whole enchilada with a side of rockamole. Come see what the whole Junction City office has been talking about!


A performance by ANDY!

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 7.47.50 PM.png