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Sarah (from Haliburton, ON) and Angie (a Torontonian), two friends and graduates from Queen’s university’s music program, both ended up in Toronto and wanted to be rockstars. And so, the search for some cool, rockstar-like band mates began.

As guitarists and bassists came and went, they finally found Preston. Preston St. Jules from Blind River, ON and a graduate from the Harris Institute played guitar like a boss. Turns out Preston also wanted to be a rockstar. It was perfect! We finally had a band! Wrong Jeremy was born!

In the Fall of 2017, Wrong Jeremy was in need of a bass player. After searching and searching, Sarah finally caved and asked the interwebs for a bass player and the interwebs answered! Well, Ali answered...he wrote us an email...regardless! A fourth rockstar had finally been located! Ali Abdelbadie hailing from Ottawa, ON had been in Toronto for less than two weeks and we scooped him up and claimed him as one of our own and we can’t wait for all of our WJ fans to meet this beast of a bassist!

Earlier Event: April 19
Later Event: April 26