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Angie Hilts X Kate Maclean X Gianni Ferraro

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"That describes April 16th, Frankie!" -JUNCTION CITY MUSIC HALL

"April 14th. Hey Frankie." -JUNCTION CITY WEBSITE EDITOR 

Gianni Ferraro

Gianni is a member of Toronto's rock and roll band Ferraro. He has been an active part of the city's music scene playing shows around town since he was 15 years old. Come out and see him play some new songs and some old favorites in a stripped down acoustic set.

Kate Maclean

Usually found as a perpetual sideman or aspiring  x-wing pilot, Kate MacLean has been know to occasionally write and warble a tune or two about love, loss, baseball, bees and the like. A huge fan of Junction City Music Hall, she and the best friend band (2.0) can't wait to play some tunes and crush some brews.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We at Junction City Music Hall love Kate Maclean. She is the nicest and the best and so talented and one of our favourites.

Angie Hilts

Canadian singer/songwriter Angie Hilts is on the forefront of an exciting movement in Toronto music scene. In  2017 Angie launched into her own solo career and is currently working on her debut album. With Gabe Kong (guitar), Alex Furlott (bass), Justin Ruppel (drums) and Nigel Hebblewhite (synth/guitar) the band is developing a strong indie rock sound that touches on many eras and genres.


Later Event: April 19