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Idle Tigers X Secret Wars X Mr Pharmacist


Toby Schertzer:  Vocals, Samples;
Robert Howard:  Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals; 
Joe Steeves:  Guitars, Keyboards;
Mike Letourneau:  Bass, Vocals;
Glenn Milchem:  Drums

MR PHARMACIST is the result of a collective unnatural interest in the peculiar brand of expressive cynicism practiced by the late UK maverick - and statesman - Mark E. Smith and his brilliant THE FALL.  MR PHARMACIST, formed in 2009, is fan indulgence by way of tribute to THE FALL - a band with no more apparent concerns about what might be considered commercial pop music than any of the members of MR PHARMACIST. Tackling THE FALL repertoire from their late 1970’s beginnings - to the band's last works - through the more commercial periods - to the more challenging experimental work - MR PHARMACIST approach the material with reverence - and the goal of producing faithful interpretations. To those unaware that they are witnessing a tribute, MR PHARMACIST, might be mistaken for a band simply and bizarrely unaware of conventional pop music or even current trends. To devotees, MR PHARMACIST provides that musical gateway to THE FALL's nonconformity. 


Members:  Andrew Currie, Ross Hawkins, Dave Keay, Steve Szigeti
Idle Tigers is spearheaded by Ross Hawkins, who released CDs in 2008 (The Spirit Salon) and 2009 (Persisting Like a Racehorse, available on Spotify). Originally from the Yorkshire regions of England, Hawkins writes songs with a strong emphasis on storytelling. Song arrangements are developed by the band and influenced by the work of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, avant-garde artists such as Laurie Anderson, literary absurdist pop-punk such as Magazine, The Fall and The Birthday Party, and cult “singing authors” such as Jake Thackray, Dory Previn and Momus.

Idle Tigers approaches the question of what should and should not be contained in a song (musically and lyrically) with constructive irreverence.  


Members: Armando Lulu, Minesh Mandoda, Chad Storie, Derek Westerholm.
Utilizing: Bass, Guitars, Loops, Drums, Vocals and suchlike.
Lineage/Origins: Parts Unknown, The Creeping Nobodies, Mean Red Spiders, Ghostlight, 122 Griege, Jim Storie Juniors, Beethoven Frieze, All Under Heaven, Skull Bong, etc.
Influences: Strange and tumultuous times, mental health, post-punk, art-rock, proto-punk, krautrock, dub, no wave, new wave, indie, rock & roll, fractured pop -- probably thousands more.
In dystopian days: Visit record stores.

Earlier Event: October 20
Later Event: October 26