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Loopsy Dazy + Illitry + DJ Ankle Mix - $10


Loopsy Dazybrings a rare performance of their improvised live-looping trio to the Junction City Music Hall. Mikey Dorje (looping, effects, guitar, synths),Eleanor Edgar (looping, effects, violin) and Brad Weber (drums) have honed in on an unique approach to organic electronic music. Creating ephemeral soundscapes that build and release tension in ways that are both exciting and entrancing, Loopsy Dazy often sounds more like a 15 piece act than a 3 piece act. With Mikey hard at work putting the finishing touches on the band's first full-length album, live shows are a special treat these days... so don't miss out!

Illitry makes the journey up from Hamilton to lend support and showcase their beautiful atmospheric folktronica hybrid that will undoubtedly please the ears of both those inclined to songwriter stylings and those more inclined to the dancefloor alike.

Ankle MiX will round out the night with ever eclectic selections of only the finest grooves ~

♥ 10$ @ the door ♥